Adobe Photoshop: How to Remove Unwanted Items From Photos

Update 2020: This post is now outdated and archived, but feel free to read it to remember what it was like. ?

I have just found out how to remove unwanted items like scars on faces, or rubbish on a lawn using Adobe Photoshop’s clone stamp.

Oh my goodness! Chickenpox!

And now, where are they?

Do you want to know how to do that?
Here are easy steps with pictures.

First, open the picture which you want to modify using Photoshop.
(That was the time I had chickenpox.)

Then, click on the ‘clone stamp’ tool.

Alt + Click near the closest spot to the pox, to clone it. After that, click on the pox. If the lighting or color doesn’t seem right, select another likely spot to clone.

But, do not click the whole spot. Instead, click on half the pox, and slowly do it. Alt + Click again if needed.

And voila! A pox removed. You can also use the blur tool,
for a greater effect.

But some parts, like the part which I’m going to edit above, can be tricky.
As told, clone the part close to the pox.

Do not click the whole spot. Instead, click on half the pox, and slowly do it. Alt + Click again if needed.

And that’s why this is tricky…The lighting and color doesn’t seem right, but we can fix that…

Use the blur tool.

Make sure the pressure is 100%.

Simply blur the picture…doesn’t it seem better now?

Repeat the steps until you finish fixing the last pox.

By Gloson

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I must say, that I can not agree with you in 100%, but that’s just my IMHO, which indeed could be wrong.
p.s. You have a very good template for your blog. Where have you got it from?

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