When To Bold Words

By Gloson On February 1, 2009 Under Blogging
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  1. When they are important
  2. When you want people’s attention
  3. When they are a title -Why You Should Eat Slower
  4. When they are a subtitle – “How To Do It
  5. When you want to emphasize their meanings – “These biscuits are really delicious!”
  6. When they are a warning – Warning: Do not eat.
  7. When they are the point – “Moral is, do not disobey your parents.
  8. When they are something people must know – “Put the dish in the basin, not the edge of it.”
  9. When you want to remind a person of something important you mentioned – Remember, do not touch the gorilla.
  10. When you want to make the changes more visible –
    Wrong: The train are here.
    Correct: The train is here.”
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  1. scartoonist

    February 1, 2009
    2:56 pm

    May I add one?

    On a web page, bolding tells search engines that the highlighted text is more important. With most search engines, italics has the same effect.

    Good list.

    Bengo, aka scartoonist

  2. Sheng Loong

    February 2, 2009
    3:33 pm

    Hi Gloson,

    I saw you and your interview on Sin Chew Daily Newspaper.I was a little bit shocked when I first realized that you are only 11 years old. This blog is really a nice work and I am looking forward to seeing more blog posts produced by you!

    Sheng Loong

  3. Ivan tong

    February 2, 2009
    5:50 pm

    hi, lol.. i also saw u in the newspaper today.. cool, 11 years old… genius …. hope to see more interesting things on your blog… looking forward.. O.O…. haha… hope that we could be frens…

  4. Wu Jia

    February 2, 2009
    8:27 pm


  5. CovertOperations78

    February 3, 2009
    9:58 am

    Great stuff, Gloson! You make a good teacher. My favourite highlighted statement is: “Remember, do not touch the gorilla”. Gee, I’ve always wanted to pet one! :o )

    Contact you soon about Snowy, okay? Will discuss with your Mum and try to come over next week.

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