The Top 5 Reasons I Use Twitter

By Gloson On March 23, 2009 Under Twitter
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In case you didn’t know, twitter is a popular social media tool that lets you connect with people.


I stumbled upon twitter when it was getting more and more popular. I became very curious and created an account. At first, I did not know how to start off and just followed a few people.

When I began using twitter more, I built more and more relationships on twitter. Soon, I began using twitter a lot. It brought good traffic to my blog. (At one point, twitter brought more than 100 visitors to my blog).

Back to where we were – here’s the main 5 reasons I use twitter.

1. Network

Twitter is a great way to build relationships and connect with people. I’ve made many friends from all over the world through using twitter to converse with them.

I also earned a lot of loyal readers and subscribers.

2. Driving traffic

Twitter is also a good way to drive traffic. As I mentioned earlier, twitter brought more than 100 visitors to my blog at one point (I tracked it using That’s because many people retweeted it.

A retweet is a tweet that is being retweeted again, giving credit to the original person who wrote the tweet.

For tips on how to retweet, go to
How To Retweet: A Simple Guide

For tips on how to get retweets, go to
How to Find Twitter Twits to Retweet Your Tweet!

3. Share

When I stumble upon a interesting site, I’d say to myself, “Wow! I must tweet this!”

I want to provide value to my followers. So, if I come across an interesting/helpful article or site, I would surely tweet it for my followers.

And if they think it is interesting, they might probably retweet me, sharing the interesting article to a larger audience.

4. It’s useful

Most of the great sites I found (that I’ve bookmarked on my browser) are discovered from twitter. The people I follow sometimes send out great tweets that has a link in them. I discover great sites from clicking them.

I can also do a research using twitter by asking a question. My followers would answer my question.

5. It’s fun

Guess what? Twitter is also fun! It is fun to interact with people and share cool links. It is also fun to visit interesting sites that the people I follow are sharing.

If you are not using twitter yet and would like to create an account, click here to do so. Trust me – twitter is gonna be interesting :) .

Lastly, if you use twitter, don’t forget to follow me! I’m @Gloson.

Happy tweeting!

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9 Comments Add yours

  1. Michael Dunlop
    March 25, 2009
    12:18 am

    My website’s biggest source of traffic at the moment is Twitter! It dominating :)

    Great post Gloson

    Michael Dunlop’s last blog post..Hongkiat Lim Interview – Quitting Your Day Job To Become a Problogger

    • Gloson
      April 23, 2009
      12:29 pm

      Twitter is great! One of Gloson Blog’s biggest source of traffic right now is twitter, too!

  2. -=A.R.N.=-
    March 26, 2009
    5:09 pm

    Its interesting I find this…not too long ago I wrote on the 5 Reasons why I quit Twitter

    Amazing how people differ

    -=A.R.N.=-’s last blog post..Simple Life

  3. Harish
    March 28, 2009
    2:05 pm

    Good post gloson. I just did a similar post to this on my blog. Twitter rocks !

    Harish’s last blog post..7 Reasons Why I started Loving Twitter ?

  4. carla
    April 1, 2009
    9:58 am

    Though I had a Twitter account for over a year and a half, I didn’t start really using it until this past winter. At this point, this is the social networking site that I spend the most time on. I do have to be careful not to spend so much time on it though (especially with Tweetdeck!)

    carla’s last blog post..Blogroll: Recycling, chocolate, affordable organic clothes, etc

  5. Pete Goumas
    May 18, 2012
    7:17 pm

    Twitter is a great platform where you can share or tweet your contents. Thankyou for sharing 5 reasons that interest you to use twitter.
    Pete Goumas´s last [type] ..What Is Mythology

  6. waterpearls
    June 2, 2012
    6:25 am

    After facebook, twitter is the best platform to spread your words. It’s great for driving traffic. Thankyou, Gloson for sharing reasons to use twitter.
    waterpearls´s last [type] ..My Live Superfoods Review And Coupon Codes

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