How I Designed My New Twitter Background

By Gloson On March 18, 2009 Under Twitter
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I recently redesigned my twitter profile.Glotwitter copy

I have been on twitter for about four months already, but still did not have a twitter profile background image.

Recently, John Chow got a new twitter background from twitterimage. I was reminded that I still had no background image and was inspired to do it.

So, I decided to create one using photoshop as I am quite good at it.

I downloaded John Chow’s background to measure where I should put the details. (To download a background image from a site using firefox, right-click on it and click ‘View background image’)

Next, I got my photo and lassoed out the background (Here’s how to do it). Then, I pasted it onto my twitter background.

To resize it, I dragged the corner of the bounding box while pressing ‘Shift’. This locks the pixels. (Make sure you tick ‘Show Bounding Box’ to show the bounding box.)

Then, I got the social media sites favicons from the Internet, and pasted them there.

I then pasted the title of my blog and the tagline from the header. For more information on how I made them, here’s exactly how I made my blog header.

I then typed in the words using the type tool and arranged them.

Here are the fonts I used for the text:

  • Gloson Blog – Cooper Black
  • Lean online with Gloson – Franklin Gothic Book
  • (,,, glosont, gloson123@gmail.comGill Sans MT
  • Gloson – Maiandra MD
  • Let’s connect, Contact – Gill Sans MT

I used a plugin called ‘Redirection’ to redirect and to my accounts.

For the final touch, I used the photoshop gradient tool to give a nice color effect on the background. All I need to do is to select the gradient tool, pick a color, and drag to create the gradient.

I uploaded my twitter background image by going to Settings >> Design >> Change background image.

Then, I tweaked the colors on my profile to match the background (The colors was originally green).

Tada! It was done! And now, I have to get used to it :P .

Here’s the link to my twitter background image.

Hope you’ll like it!

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  1. rampantheart

    March 21, 2009
    11:19 pm

    You are amazing, kid! I basically am super lazy by nature. So downloaded the theme elsewhere! ;) Forgot where I got the theme that now decorates my twitter profile! Your theme looks super cool! Cheers!

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