How I Got 3000 Visitors from a Single Tweet by a Power User

By Gloson On May 24, 2011 Under Case Studies
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Last week, I got 3,000 visitors from just a SINGLE tweet by a power user. Wow, can you imagine the power of that single tweet?

Here’s how it happened


I woke up one morning to check my statistics… WHAT? I got 3000 visitors in one day? Cool!

I then hurriedly scanned my analytics to find out what was causing the huge spike in traffic.

I  discovered that a twitter power user, Jon Winokur @AdvicetoWriters, tweeted my blog post called 9 Confusing Confusions in English Grammar, which I published back in November 2010.

Here’s the tweet


When Jon tweeted my blog post, the snowball effect happened. His followers saw his tweet and retweeted it, and their followers saw their retweets and retweeted too; ultimately his tweet reached his followers’ followers’ followers. Get it? :P

I checked my stats again to analyze the visitors three days since the tweet.

I checked how long these visitors spent on my page. Wow, the average time they spent reading my post was about 7:00 minutes! Not bad! :)


What we can learn from this

i. Targeted content

Now, it wasn’t just some power user who tweeted that post. It was a power user who solely focuses on writing advice—Jon (@AdvicetoWriters).

ii. Real followers

Jon has more than 60,000 followers (and has been listed over 4,000 times), and he is only following about 800 people!—which means his followers don’t auto-reciprocate or something, but they genuinely follow him because he gives top-notch advice for writers.

Maybe that’s why his tweets get a lot of attention and he is very influential.

iii. Some numbers

Seeing the stats of his link, Jon’s link was retweeted 68 times, and it received 3,154 clicks! That means that tweet to his 60,000 followers resulted in about 3,000 clicks, about 5%.

That’s not bad actually. Not everyone who has 100,000’s of followers can achieve that! One time a person with more than 100,000 followers tweeted a good post of one of my friends, but he told me nothing much happened.

iv. Quality content

That post I wrote about confusions in English grammar was not easy to write.

It took me like a whole week to write, revise, proofread, and repeat. And 3 months to learn about grammar in school. But ultimately, quality content brings a lot of benefit to your blog, so it’s worth the hard work writing it. :)

And THAT’s how much a tweet from a power user is worth! It’s always nice to occasionally get a spike in traffic (thanks a lot, Jon @AdvicetoWriters; I appreciate it!).

Have you had any experiences like this before? Please share it in the comments below. :)

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213 Comments Add yours

  1. Jena Isle
    September 26, 2012
    5:35 pm

    Interesting post. Thanks for this info-laden post. God bless.

  2. Nwosu Desmond
    October 1, 2012
    1:26 pm

    Resourceful indeed….thanks for the advice……i hope i get retweeted by a power user like Jon someday…

  3. Sarena Costa
    October 6, 2012
    7:10 am

    Are you still blogging? You have a great blog here and I would love to read more of your updates?

    • Gloson
      December 3, 2012
      12:51 pm

      Thanks for the question and sorry for the late reply. Blogging is still on hold until January 2013 or so. :)

  4. Cameron
    October 8, 2012
    11:48 am

    This is absolutely amazing. I knew Twitter could bring a little traffic but I honestly didn’t think it would do that. Is Jon one of your followers or did he just stumble across your tweet?

    • Gloson
      December 3, 2012
      12:50 pm

      Sorry for the extremely late reply. :P Nope, Jon does not follow me, although I’d be really happy if he does. I think he just stumbled across my article, thought it was interesting, and shared it.

    October 17, 2012
    3:03 pm


    Thanks for the nice tips. I am actually a newbee and really struggling in this field . Till now my blog traffic is zero as because i was just concentrating on search engine traffic .But now i will also try social media marketing , and twitter would be the best.


  6. Sarah Park
    October 19, 2012
    2:49 am

    That was simply awesome. And you did not get this just because of the tool, but also because you and Jon have credible reputations in this field.

  7. Mc iPacs
    November 9, 2012
    7:49 pm

    AWESOME!, Dude.. I hope I can do that kind of thing someday.. I only got a hundred page views and less than 50 per day :(

    Anyways, thanks for this post, it encourages me.. keep up the Good Works! :)

  8. Joe Clark
    November 12, 2012
    2:32 am

    Hi Gloson!

    I had same experience when I shared Halloween wallpaper on Facebook with my friends. I tried to wish them and the wallpaper got famous and people rushed towards my website to get more wallpapers.

    It was an incredible experience, can’t forget! :-)


  9. Alok
    December 18, 2012
    6:06 pm

    This is power of twitter or we can say power of one good re-tweet. This is always work to getting a good & real traffic on your website. Thanks for sharing this beautiful and nice post.

  10. cikgu naman
    December 23, 2012
    7:46 pm

    wow…so proud to be a Malaysian blogger ;). You’re very talented. Now i kow the power of twitter.

  11. sintu kumar
    January 17, 2013
    10:44 pm

    Wow great…I think after reading this i have to start promote my blog to twitter also to get the same result as you get….:-)

  12. Gaya
    January 30, 2013
    5:10 pm

    I once got around 20.000 visits from a tweet by @jquery . Getting mentioned by @smashingmag will really create a blast in visitors. I love things like this :) makes you feel taken serious.

    • Gloson
      February 5, 2013
      7:59 pm

      Oh hi Gaya. Nice to receive a comment from you on this post which I wrote ages ago. Wow, that’s so much more visitors than I got. Congratulations! Hope it happens more often to ya! :D

  13. Steven
    February 7, 2013
    2:11 am

    Wow! Congrats on the big win. Quality content goes far because it’s something people want to share.

  14. Wei @ Workout Plans For Men
    February 23, 2013
    2:28 am

    Hi Gloson, I know this post may have somewhat been posted a long time ago, but still, I can’t help but to thank you for writing this. I am actually on a look out now for guides to go about building unique traffics to my newly created fitness blog. That was where I found your post and this gave me a huge motivation to work on Twitter. =) Thank you.

  15. Daniel Erick
    July 13, 2013
    5:53 pm

    Hi Gloson ,
    I almost do not believe you can do it, was incredible .. :)

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