He Drew Me and I Drew Him

By Gloson On December 12, 2008 Under Personal
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I had asked one of my twitter friends, @Artmaker, to draw a picture of me, and he agreed. Artmaker (AKA I-Ming) is a cartoonist who is the author of the web comic strip, Fantasy Story.

A few weeks later. he emailed me his picture of me, with his signature attached.
I think it is nice, so, I decided to draw him a picture ofPICT1073 him in return.

I drew it with Microsoft Paint as it is not too troublesome because of scanning. I have a touch screen monitor, which makes it easier to draw him at certain points, like the hair and signature. I also used some of the features in Microsoft Paint to help with the drawing, such as the bending lines.

My picture of him, his photo of himself from which I copied from, and my signature. (I used Photoshop to lasso his face.

Finally, I drew him. It took about less than an hour, and I sent him my picture, and he said it was great.

But…my parents think that it would be better if I reshape the face a little. So, I reshaped a little bit of the chin, the nose, added a few lines, and changed the eyes and the eyebrows. Now, it looks like this:

i-ming (1)

It took me about 30 minutes. Then, I emailed him version 0.02 of my picture of him (still in beta :) )

However, he said he liked the first one better.

So, what do you think? Is the first version better, or the second, and why?

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  1. Darshan Chadne

    December 13, 2008
    6:05 pm

    Well, technically speaking the second one is better. But I would keep first one as whatever comes naturally, comes in first time. And after all, first one is not so bad :-)

  2. stratosg

    December 18, 2008
    7:56 am

    well the first one seems to be more original since it was the one you first created. both are nice. but he is an excellent artist too. he made a very nice picture of yours!

  3. Maritn Wedgwood

    December 19, 2008
    2:39 am

    second is great. you really captured his expression and the energy of both face and mouth. as in literature the first draft will most of the time need further revision.

    very well done

  4. Farhan Rehman

    December 21, 2008
    3:35 am

    The second one looks best – he’s got a few more features for his expression, which just makes it look like you took more time and paid more attention ;)

  5. Simon Liew

    July 19, 2009
    11:29 pm

    I will vote for 2nd picture. Its look 80% similar compare against the actual photo.
    .-= Simon Liew´s last blog ..Instant Multiplication (Part 1) =-.

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