Gmail Keyboard Shortcuts: How To Use Them Effectively

By Gloson On March 7, 2009 Under Google
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Are you using Gmail? If so, you could try out one of its convenient features – keyboard shortcuts. Gmail keyboard shortcuts saves you time navigating with your mouse. In fact, sometimes, it makes navigating much faster!

To enable them, go to settings

Click ‘Keyboard shortcuts on’ and click ‘Save Settings’ at the bottom.

After you enable it, you will see a cursor (the black arrow) at the conversations list.

Click here for the list of all the shortcuts

To move it down, hit ‘J’, and to move it up, hit ‘K’. To expand the message, hit ‘Enter’. To select it, hit ‘X’. To star it, hit ‘S’. To return to the conversations list, hit ‘U’.
I find the above shortcuts the most convenient.

If you click ‘J’ or ‘K’ when you are in conversations view (to go to conversations view, simply click into the mail), it will move to the previous or the next mail. This saves you time navigating back to the inbox and clicking into the next mail. Cool, isn’t it? If you find an interesting email, simply hit ‘S’ to star it. Quick and simple!

I hope you will find Gmail keyboard shortcuts useful. Gmail rocks!

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  1. Sundareswaran

    March 7, 2009
    3:59 pm

    This is a useful tip. It helps people to navigate quicker. And yes, Gmail Rocks!

  2. Darshan Chande

    March 8, 2009
    12:57 pm

    I knew about the short-cuts but was lazy to learn to use them. After reading in your post some of the very basic short cuts now I activated the feature, and it’s great.

    I think you need to correct this sentence:
    To move it up, hit ‘J’, and to move it up, hit ‘K’.

    “J” is to move it down :)

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