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Do you want to make your browsing life easier? There are some shortcuts that can do that. I find these shortcuts convenient and am happily using them. These shortcuts work in most browsers, especially Firefox. I don’t know whether these shortcuts work on MAC, but it certainly works on Windows. Here are the shortcuts.


I find this feature useful when you meet a page with many interesting links and want to open each in a tab. Middle-clicking the links will open them in a new tab. Then, I can read an article while the others load in other tabs.

Ctrl + Shift + T

Oh no! You’ve accidentally closed a tab! And now you have to type in the long address again? No, you don’t have you. You just have to hit Ctrl + Shift + T, and your accidentally closed tab will be opened again.

Alt + Enter

You’ve entered an address, “” You want to open another page in a new tab. Simply type, “http://www.(thesiteyouwishtovisit).com” and hit Alt + Enter. The address will be opened in a new window.

These are the shortcuts I find convenient so far. I will update this post as soon as I find out more shortcuts I’d to share.

I hope you would find these shortcuts convenient and will make your browsing easier and more convenient :) .

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 Posted on : December 13, 2008
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8 Responses to “Convenient Shortcuts To Improve Your Browsing”
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  1. ctrl+shift+tab it was very useful, i always used to go to history and then fetch it.. thanks..
    remo´s last blog post ..Some cool movies of 2011..

  2. I know some of the shortcuts but the rest I’ve been using the mouse like going for undo closed tab. Most of the time I prefer working with shortcut keys since its faster so I’ll try this new shortcut as well.

  3. Truly Awesome….. Wasn’t aware of the second shortcut !! Thanks Gloson :-)
    Salman @ Tech Crates´s last blog post ..Windows XP Scheduled Tasks- Add One

  4. Very useful shortcuts…..
    some one shortcut is ctrl+t to open a new window……i think u know that shortcut….if u are not know use that key…….post more topics………

  5. Hey.. there are some other shortcuts that I found out..

    Hit Ctrl+W to close your current tab
    Hit Ctrl+Tab to switch between tabs

  6. The shortcuts should be universal, assuming the keys are labeled the same way (I use Firefox on Linux and FreeBSD and they work). Ctrl+Shift+Enter goes to .org and Shift+Enter goes to .net. They are useful along with Ctrl+Enter. :)

  7. Replace CTRL with COMMAND and they work on Mac. Great post!

  8. It’s great post. I never knew these ones… :)

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