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9 Most Confusing Confusions in English Grammar

Some English grammar can be really confusing. So, I decided to write this article to point out some grammar mistakes that cause much confusion, and also how to get them right. I’ve made all of these grammar mistakes before, which is how I got to write this post, anyway . And now, I present to […]

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15 Ways to Get Your Blog Comments Noticed

I have recently guest posted an article on 15 ways to get your blog comments noticed on I hope you’ll enjoy it! It’s my 3rd guest post so far. I’m looking to writing more guest posts soon! To view it, click here => 15 ways to get your blog comments noticed. I hope you’ll […]

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30 Quality Articles to Read

They are millions and millions of sites on the web (In fact, about 1 blog is created every 1-3 seconds)… Well, I have read many articles from different sites, and have picked out some very good ones I thought you might like to read. Well, here they are. Blogging 1. Battling Bloggers Block 2. How […]

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How To Remember Phone Numbers 2

I have already shared with you a method to remember phone numbers. However, there are a lot of people who says that the method didn’t work for them as that method does not apply to everyone. In this post, I’ll share with you another method to remember phone numbers. I think this method would work […]

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How To Remember Phone Numbers

You were in the park. While jogging, you bumped into an old friend of yours. You were soon chatting happily. In the chat, your friend tried to give you his phone number so you could call him… But the problem was you left your cell phone in the car and you didn’t have a pen […]

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Tips to Make Fun Photos of Your Pets

If you have been surfing my blog for a while, you probably saw my funny cats series. Those series are nice and fun to see. (Please don’t get distracted by the photo on the right, but he really looks like Garfield) In this post, you are going to learn how to make creative and funny […]

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