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By Gloson On June 20, 2009 Under Personal
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Hey guys, I have been attending the blog ‘k’arnival today at Petaling Jaya in Malaysia today. It was a very exciting event. In fact, this is the very first blog carnival I have ever been to. Now, I want to share my experience on the Blog 411 session.

Blog 411

I attended the “Blog 411″ session in the carnival. There were quite a number of people there at the seminar. It’s when popular Malaysian bloggers, like Kenny Sia, Jason Goh, Niki Cheong, and other popular Malaysian bloggers speak and share their experiences and tips on blogging.

Oh, and here is some (cool) pictures I took from the blog 411 session:



Yeah, I think those are some of the best tips they’ve shared, and I agree with that. The seminar was awesome and I enjoyed hearing the top bloggers speak and had a lot of fun! I learned a lot from the seminar and I am looking forward to attending this blog ‘k’arnival next year!

Update 22nd June 2009: Yay! I won a notebook computer from the K.O. quiz contest in this carnival!

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10 Comments Add yours

  1. MissyCheerio

    June 20, 2009
    10:28 pm

    Boohoo! :)
    Found youuuu

  2. Joshua

    June 21, 2009
    1:31 am

    bro u got talent man keep it up cheers~

  3. kim

    June 21, 2009
    2:20 am

    hey Gloson! saw you at this blogger Karnival.
    you are damn cool weih lol. Keep it up =]

  4. Jinny

    June 21, 2009
    2:18 pm

    Hi, – da best. Keep it going!

  5. JamesQuah

    June 21, 2009
    2:32 pm

    You were just cool up on stage. Congrats.

  6. Gloson

    June 22, 2009
    12:36 am

    Thank you very much guys for the compliments! Thanks for dropping by!

  7. maRCus

    June 22, 2009
    12:54 am

    helloz little handsome guy, its good to be here. nice stuff uve got going here =)

    well, keep up the good work, and if you need anything, you know where to holler. =D


  8. David Jeremiah

    June 22, 2009
    10:37 am

    Congratulations Gloson. You Did a Great Job and You Deserve it.

  9. earningstep

    July 23, 2009
    10:34 am

    i can see that you will the best blogger younger blogger in the future
    .-= earningstep´s last blog blog has more than thousand recommended sites to make money online =-.

  10. jawatan kosong

    February 14, 2010
    11:29 pm

    Its great to see that Malaysian young blogger can go up the stage. Keep the great work :)
    .-= jawatan kosong´s last blog ..NETCOOL & Perl Script Experts =-.

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