What You MUST Do With Important Files on Your Computer

By Gloson On March 2, 2009 Under Miscellaneous
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Back them up

Yes. It is that simple, and as important.

The thing you must do after an important file appears on your computer is to back them up.


The main reason why backing up files is very, very important is because if that important file is lost, you can’t get it back. And usually, important files are the files that has been put time and effort into. You don’t want to waste all that effort, do you?

The Internet

Well, in my opinion, the Internet is the safest place to store your files.

You could store it in your email. First, click on compose mail. Then attach the important file to your mail. Then, send it.. to yourself! It is safe there and you can download it anytime you want.

You can use DriveHQ as an online backing up device. The free version has a storage space of 1GB. There are paid versions, too. DriveHQ also has FTP, which means you can upload your files using an FTP Client. In fact, it also has its very own client.

Zipping the file
If the file is too big and you can’t upload it, you can zip it.

If you are looking for a zipping client, you should use 7-zip. Even DailyBlogTips says 7-zip is better than Winzip. (Psst. It is free)

When you don’t have an Internet connection

At least make a copy of it
If you have no time to do those, at least make a copy of it! It is much better than not making any backups at all. If something goes wrong with the file, you can use the copy.

Put another copy of it into a flash drive
Actually, this is safer than just making a copy of it. It’s because if your hard drive crashes, you still have it in your flash drive.

If you back your files up (the more backups, the safer), you can feel confident about the files. Anything could happen to your computer, such as viruses, and stuff. If anything happens to your computer, at least the important file, which has been put a lot of effort, is safe.

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  1. Darshan Chande

    March 3, 2009
    7:57 pm

    Yeah, there are a host of online storage sites available now… Can also open eSnips account. These days I use Windows SkyDrive though. It gives 25 Gb og of free storage, can you believe? GDrive is also coming…

    As for email, I send an email to myself, of course, but in another email of mine. That way, even if my email account is lost or has problems for the time, I can get the file from another email.

  2. kelly

    March 3, 2009
    9:32 pm

    Hi Gloson!! I agree with you. One more thing you can do is to may be protect your folders. Especially if your computer is shared with other family members.

    I don’t know what I will do if I lost a back-up of my own blog! TOUCH WOOD!

  3. Matthew Share@luxury alpharetta homes

    December 7, 2011
    1:54 pm

    Keeping a back up of important files is very important because we never know when some hackers can attempt hacking or we may experience a crash. These days there are many services which provide security to our sensitive data.

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