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If you are not yet subscribing to the Gloson Blog feed, why not subscribe now? Here are 7 reasons to subscribe to this blog if you are not subscribing yet.

1. You will receive blogging, social media, technology, and other interesting tips

If you are a blogger or a tech person, this blog is just for you! I hope you’ll find this blog interesting because I post blogging, social media, tech, and other tips in my posts.

2. I’m a kid

If I didn’t mention, I am Gloson, an 13-year-old blogger and funny poet who lives in Malaysia. So I hope you’ll enjoy content written by a kid’s point of view!

3. I write the content

I write the articles and posts here, not a robot or something. I also don’t copy content from other sites so the posts here are original.

4. I choose quality over quantity

I used to post every day, but now I don’t. I also realized that the quality of the articles I write is getting higher because I focus on writing quality articles, not many average articles.

5. I don’t post too often and so, you can keep track of the posts

Since I prefer quality over quantity, I don’t post too frequently, just 2-4 posts a month. And because of that, you can keep track of the posts without information overload! ;-)

6. You won’t miss any articles you might find interesting

I post a lot of useful articles so if you subscribe, you will be notified whenever a new post is posted and not miss any of them.

7. You don’t need to remember to check this blog

You will be automatically notified via email or RSS whenever a new blog post is posted here. So, if a new article is posted, you’ll be notified. You don’t need to check back frequently. =)

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