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By Gloson On November 8, 2008 Under Useful Tools
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I found this tool at Adam Bowman’s site, and thought that it is a very useful tool for designing layouts when you don’t know color codes, such as MySpace, YouTube, or etc.

This is also useful for sites which have a limited selection of colors and support color codes. Here’s a preview:


See? The color code is located near the top-right. What you have to do is to add a number (#) sign before it.

Why not try it? It’s easy, simple, and nice. You can even add it to iGoogle.

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  1. Matthew Share@luxury alpharetta homes

    December 9, 2011
    1:45 am

    I like choosing color with this tool, what I like most about this tool, is, it lets the user see even the slightest change while selecting. Its quite sometime since I worked on colors and layouts so this post certainly is refreshing.

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