4 Features of WordPress That I Just Love

By Gloson On March 12, 2009 Under Blogging
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I have been using WordPress, the ultimate blogging platform, for some time already, and I think it rocks! In this post, I would like to point out 4 features I just love about it.

1. Redirection to the new permalink structure

You want to change your blog permalink structure. However, you are worried because you have many links to your posts and are afraid they will be broken after you change your permalink structure.

Clever wordpress would redirect the visitors who visits the old permalink to the new permalink.

For example, before you changed the structure of your permalinks, your post permalink is

After you change it, it becomes

Anyone who visits http://www.(yourblog).com/2009/02/the-blog-post/
will be redirected to http://www.(yourblog).com/the-blog-post/

To change the permalink structure (if you use wordpress), go to
Change (yourblog) to your blog’s domain name.

2. Making post revisions

You’ve just published a post. After a few days later, you think you can improve your blog. You then edit it, and click ‘Update’. After several days, you realized the edited version of your post is not very good after all, and the first version of it is better.

WordPress automatically saves your post before you edit it. Therefore, if you edit a post, you can always get the old version back if you feel that it is better.

3. WordPress 2.7: Quick edit

When I was using wordpress 2.6, I wondered, “There must be a way to quickly change the category of a post,” because my posts and their categories were quite messed up.

After I upgraded to wordpress 2.7, I found that it has just what I need! It has a quick edit feature which lets you edit the title, slug, tags, and some other settings at the list of your posts. It even saves the changes without refreshing the page!

4. WordPress 2.7: Replying to comments from the administration area

I was so amazed when I found out this feature! Now, I don’t have to go to a post, wait for it to load, and reply to comments, one by one. I can reply to comments right from the administration area.

All I have to do is go to the dashboard, view the latest comments, hover over it (some options will display), click reply, type the reply, click ‘Publish’, and tada! Oh, and it does this without refreshing the page, too.


WordPress, so far, has been doing a good job for Gloson Blog. If you are thinking of starting a blog (with your own domain name), wordpress is the ultimate choice for you.

Oh, and for those who wish to upgrade to wordpress 2.7, click here.

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  1. Silentgirl

    March 12, 2009
    11:51 pm

    I have to agree that these are really useful features on wp2.7. :)

  2. Joseph Ting

    March 13, 2009
    12:25 am

    Nice information.
    You’re a great blogger anyway. Providing pure information.
    Keep it up and improve more! You have very much improvement space ahead!

  3. Margareth Osju

    March 13, 2009
    1:59 am

    Your blog is fantastic, young man.
    Than you very much for the information and I also read some of your poems. My compliments.

    Best wishes from Sweden

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