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How to Make Your Blog Content Easy to Read

By Gloson On November 30, 2008 1 Comment

In this post, you will learn how to make your blog content easy to read…But why? So that your readers love reading your posts and won’t spend a hard time squinting at the text.

You know what I would say if I come across a blog with yellow text on a white background? Bye, bye! It is very difficult to read yellow text on a white background. So is reading very small text.

To make your readers comfortable, make your content look neat, tidy, and easy to read. Here are the tips.

Make lists

Yes, this is a neat way of blogging. Also, readers would get the point easily. Right now, you are reading a part of my list. See? You write the point at the header. Then, you put the details after the header, like I’m doing now. In the details part, explain.

Why should you make lists? It is neat. It is also easy for your readers to get the point. Imagine what would this article be like, if I don’t make lists. The text would seem mumbo jumbo. Lists also make your posts neat.

Use spaces frequently, appropriately

No, I did not mean the spacebar, but the ‘Enter’ key. Imagine what would this article be, if there are no spaces at all! What an unspacious texty text this article would be! So, use spaces.

But why? So that readers would keep track of what they are reading, with ease. Have you ever went across an unspacious texty text article before, and read the same line again? Also, if you use spaces, your readers would relax a bit. Spaces also make your post neat.

Be appropriate, though. Make it like chapters of a story, but rather ‘little’ chapters.

‘Unspacious texty text’ is just a phrase I made. There is no such thing!

Use fonts that are easy to read

Or not, readers would squint at the text. Come on, don’t make it a burden for your readers. Use fonts that are easy to read. Avoid cursive fonts. Not all people read cursive.

Also, don’t use very small fonts. Not all people like reading small text.

Make sure there is a high contrast between the text and the background

What happens when you see light blue text over white background? This :) .

You can highlight the light blue text if it is disturbing. People won’t like to read light blue text over white background. Neither do they like reading gray text over black background.

So, make sure there is a high contrast between the text and the background. But I recommend using a white background and black text, as some people don’t like reading white text over black background.


Content that is easy to read would make your readers feel relaxed. Your readers will not spend too much energy reading your posts.

This list is not complete! If you know any other tips on making your content easy to read, please post it as a comment. Your comments would be appreciated.

First Impressions are Very Important

By Gloson On November 27, 2008 3 Comments

Are first impressions really important, or is it the inside that really counts?

If you answered ‘the inside that really counts’, you’re wrong. First impressions are really important. It is estimated that people judge you within the first 30 seconds of meeting somebody.

We should also be good person on the inside, too, but that’s after the first impressions.

How we look

You are going to a cinemas. When you arrive, you sit at a comfortable chair, and wait for the movie to start. Not so long later, a man, with dirty clothes and messy hair comes along and sits next to you. The man is strong and polite, and has very good manners. You move to another chair far away from that man because you don’t feel comfortable next to him.

See? First impressions are very important. Polite or not, when we meet a smelly, messy person, we would probably avoid him. Because of that, he has no chance of showing us how good he really is on the inside.

As I said earlier, it is estimated that people form a first impression within the first 30 seconds of meeting somebody. So, how are we going to prove that you are really good, when we look so badly? So, we should wear neat clothes, comb your hair, do whatever to make ourselves look good… Then we can attempt to talk to people without risking anything.

How you talk

So, then continues the story -
After you moved away from the dirty but polite person, a man with fine clothes and well combed hair comes along and sits next to you. You begin to talk with him. He says thank you arrogantly when you said he is the most handsome man you’ve ever seen, and talks with a rough voice. You don’t feel comfortable, and break the friendship by going to the toilet and come back, seated at another place.

We should deal with the way we talk – the tone of our voice and mannerism. Although we may look well, if we talk roughly, people will slip away from us. So, we should talk softly and politely instead.

Although some people don’t judge by appearances and skip the ‘how you look’ part, they might judge by how we talk.

What You Say

And so the story continues -
Just then, a well dressed man comes to sit beside you. You greet him. You two then have a conversation. After a while, he points to the dirty man and says he is so stupid. He then points to the smart dressed man, and says he snores like a hog. You feel surprised. You then pretend to go to the toilet, and come back seated at another place.

We must say good and positive things, not foul words. We mustn’t criticize and make fun of other people. People we meet would feel bad about us when we do this. So, we should say positive things, and use manners. What would you feel if you met a man, and then the man shouts ‘shut up’ to the person next to him?

The Real You

It’s not over yet! After the first impressions, the person we met and us become friends. Now, we have to show our good insides – loving, courageous, bold, polite, friendly, kind, helpful, gentle, and etc.

And not sly, cowardly, hateful, rude, rough, and etc. If we have a bad inside, people whom we have befriended would dislike us. Being good on the inside is very important too.


First impressions are very important. If people were to judge us in about 30 seconds, how are we going to show our insides if we look or speak badly?

After we had made friends, we must be good on the inside, too.

This is what a page in was written:

Studies at UCLA have found that:

55% of first impressions are visual — how we look
38% of first impressions are based on how we speak — tone of voice and mannerisms
7% of first impressions are based on what we actually say — our words.

And that’s why we should have a good impression when meeting somebody.


Update (28/11/08):

That goes to blogging too.

The look of the blog – is it nice, is it easy to read?

How you say in the blog – is it polite, does it offend the readers?

What you say in the blog – does it bring value to your readers?


Does Your Blog or Website Appear Correctly in Different Browsers?

By Gloson On November 26, 2008 No Comments

Some browsers do not display blogs and websites correctly. Sometimes, they do. Sometimes, the font is wrong. Sometimes, the blog is aligned left, or right, instead of center. Sometimes, a part of the page is gone.

In this post, I will show you a website that gives a screenshot of how your blog or website looks in other browsers (and their different versions) – Seamonkey, Safari, Opera, Blah-blah-blah.

The website,, gives you a screenshot of how your blog or website may appear in many, many different versions of many browsers, in different operating systems, such as Windows, MAC, or Linux.


Poem: Benjamin was Not So Smart

By Gloson On November 25, 2008 1 Comment

Well, here’s another poem I would like to show you.

It is about a talkative guy who talks a lot, yet doesn’t much sense. His speaks a lot of nonsense, and he is boastful and very funny…Welcome Benjamin!


Benjamin was Not So Smart

Young Benjamin was not as smart as supposed.
He chattered too much, and sometimes, he did boast.
”Bananas eat monkeys,” young Benjamin said,
”A foul-smelling lady lives under your bed.”

He claimed that a chicken can stand on its head.
“The cars are alive,” he said, “and plants are dead.”
He argued that his teeth can chew solid stones,
steel, copper, and wood, even dinosaur bones.

He claimed that he can do what Superman can,
and said that a small ant can carry a van.
He also claimed that kangaroos came from Mars,
and told me that hippos evolved from gray cars.

I thought that he was just a little buffoon;
he argued and shouted, “Dogs came from the moon!”
I thought that he needed a brain antidote;
he thought that he knew how to sail a sailboat.

I thought that he’d never become smart, no, never.
Well, it was quite true. He did not become clever.
He still don’t know how to wear his underwear,
his boasting behavior is still always there.

He then learned science and claims that he’s a professor.
His knowledge of nonsense just didn’t grow lesser.
He now says, “No one can beat the brain of mine,”
He claims, “I am smarter than Albert Einstein!”

(c) Gloson Teh

What inspired me to write this poem was my thought of monkeys eating bananas. I suddenly swapped the places of the subjects to become bananas eating monkeys. How I laughed at it! So, I thought of more funny nonsense, and wrote this poem.

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