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The First Video Clip I Made For One of My Poems

By Gloson On August 30, 2008 5 Comments

Finally, the first video clip came out… It’s not an animation. It’s just a simple video clip with pictures, and me reading the poem…with some sound effects I made. You can view it.

Pranks on the Principal

Nick pasted a ‘kick me’ note on the principal’s back.
The one who placed thumbtacks on the school floor was Jack.
Mike had put the principal’s chair somewhere in the street.
Sam secretly ate the principal’s food: the broccoli and meat.

The principal was walking with the ‘kick me’ note on him.
The one who kicked the principal was the teacher, Tim.
When the principal reached his place, he just sat down.
His chair wasn’t there, so his butt banged on the ground.

He had no other choice but to just stand up and eat.
When he opened his Tupperware, no broccoli and meat!
He was very, very, very angry and he did care,
and went off to the street to find his missing chair.

After that, he grouped the things: his lost and found chair,
the ‘kick me’ note which was on him, and his Tupperware.
He said to them, “There is a thing that I’d like to mention:
All of you must be whacked and punished in detention!”

So, he walked while carrying the things to be put in detention.
Oh! There is one more thing I almost forgotten to mention.
On the way there, he, by accident, stepped on the thumbtacks.
The one who laughed when he fell was the student, Max.

Bet you laughed!

How to Disable Startup Processes (In Windows XP)

By Gloson On August 26, 2008 1 Comment

How to Disable Startup Processes (In Windows XP)

Have your computer ever went so slowly (when your computer is booting)? Well, here is one of the ways to boost your computer’s speed.

First, click on the Start Menu. Secondly, click ‘Run’.



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